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2.1.1. Fees
In the first version of the Flux Oracle, the fee percentages are set directly by governance. The fee ranges from 0.01% - 33%; this range is adjustable by Flux DAO. The fee can be set by governance independently from the rest of the oracle config. FeeConfig (stored in the oracle config) is defined as:
FeeConfig {
flux_market_cap: Number,
total_value_staked: Number,
resolution_fee_percentage: Number
The first two values are denominated in USD and used to calculate the third value. Initially, the goal is to maintain a market cap to TVS ratio of 5:1, increasing the resolution fee percentage when the TVS decreases and decreasing fees when TVS increases.
In addition to the fee range set by the DAO, a requester can also set a stake_multiplier on the fees (to scale the size of the resolution bond for each round according to a factor), and a fixed fee.
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