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First Party Oracle
Get started with data on chain
The FPO is a tool through which data providers can directly push their data on chain using our proprietary Provider Node. Data Providers use their own sources, aggregation functions, and node operators to collect their data, prepare it for use, and deploy it on chain. With the FPO, the data feed reliability, quality, and provision is in the hands of the provider, absolving us or any other party of the ability to manipulate the data en-route. The data is as reliable as their sources, and the provider's reputation is on the line if something were to go wrong.
For the protocol using the feeds, the first party oracle is as decentralized as they would like it to be. Protocols are recommended to aggregate prices from multiple data providers in order to reduce the risk of attack on a particular source, but are inevitably responsible for the security of their own protocol and their users'.
The FPO is currently subsidized until January 1st, 2023 by Flux Protocol to give new protocols the ability to bootstrap reliable, high quality data streams from some of the biggest data providers in DeFi. The costs associated with querying this data is subject to change.
First Party Oracle Data Flow Chart

How It Works

  1. 1.
    The Data Provider already has API endpoints / source[s] for getting their data
  2. 2.
    They deploy the Provider Node to their servers
  3. 3.
    The Provider Node periodically calls the endpoints & collects the data at the desired source path within the endpoint
  4. 4.
    If the data was retrieved without error, the Provider Node calls the FPO contract and posts the data to the intended destination on chain
  5. 5.
    End users / protocols query the contracts, via cross contract call or CLI, and can use the resulting data as they like!

Layers of Trustlessness

Since we work as agile as the protocols we intend to support, we give the protocols different options on how to get data provided to them depending on the speed at which they need to get started.

Your Sources, Your Deployment

Protocols looking to bootstrap themselves immediately with whatever data they've sourced have the option to deploy their own FPO smart contracts and Provider Node such that they handle the data sourcing, aggregation, cleaning, and pushing on-chain. We provide the tools, you are responsible for everything else. See how.

Our Sources, Our Deployment

Protocols able to wait a bit, and have some sources that our high quality data providers cannot provide, have the option to send us their sources and we will add them to our own Provider Node & push their data on-chain. You still pick the sources, we'll handle the configuration and pushing of the data on-chain.

Provider Sources, Provider Deployment

This is the best option for protocols who want to do this the safest way possible. Our high quality Data Providers set up their Provider Nodes to onboard your data feed needs, and handle all of the cleaning and aggregation before pushing on-chain. Your end users can rest easy knowing that you can't control prices, we can't control prices, and the data is coming from some of the most reputable sources DeFi.

Getting Started

Set up your own protocol to get price feeds, or provide the data yourself!
For Requesting Data
For Providing Data
Do you have a protocol on Near or Aurora? Want to get high quality data straight from the most reliable sources in DeFi? Click above to get started!
Do you have a high quality data source and want to work with Flux to provide data for the protocols building the future of DeFi? Click above to get started!
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