Data Request Finalization

Data Request can be finalized once the last challenge period has ended or the final arbitrator has arbitrated and the request fee claimed. Finalisation is calculated as follows, where n is the total number of Request Interfaces, tmc is the target market cap, mc is the actual market cap, and f is the last fee set by the Flux DAO.

Let's illustrate this further by using two Request Interfaces with a TVS of: ($100, $1000) while FLX mc is 1,000,000. Suppose we also want to maintain a 5x mc/tvs ratio and that the previous fee was 1% (1/100), the data_request_fee_multiplier will be calculated as:

This will result in the fee dropping from 1% to 0,01%.

After this fee is claimed from the Request Interface, the callback provided by the request interface is called with the parameters identifying the Data Request and the final winning outcome.