Performing Data Request

When a Data Request Interface has been whitelisted, the interface will now be able to connect to the Flux Oracle and initiate data requests. A Request Interfacing initiating Data Request should always be structured as follows:

description: String,
extra_info: String OR null,
source: String,
outcomes: List of Strings OR null,
settlement_date: Unix timestamp (ms),
challenge_period: Unix timestamp (ms)

description: This is the description of the Data being requested e.g.: “What was the closing price of Bitcoin on the 1st of December 2020?”

extra_info: This is where conditions are set to further aid the settlement of the answer e.g.: “If the difference between the Coinbase Pro and Coinmarketcap price is larger than 20% then this request becomes ‘Invalid’”

source_link: This is either a link to a data source or API. However, it can also be left empty when dealing with arbitrary data.

outcomes: This is a list of expected possible outcomes. It can also be left empty in case of an arbitrary answer from a price feed.

settlement_date: A UNIX timestamp showing the date and time for resolving the question, allowing validators to prepare for settlement ahead of time.

challenge_period: A UNIX timestamp showing the period for validators to dispute settlements after staking the initial Settlement Bond (SB). This period has a minimum term of 300.000ms (5 minutes) and a maximum term of 86.400.000ms (24 hours).