Interface Whitelisting

A refundable Proposal Bond (PB), payable in a stable-token, is required to submit the whitelisting proposal to the RIR. This bond is meant to protect the network from spam attacks while incentivizing quality proposals. If the proposal is accepted, the bond is returned; if the proposal is denied, the bond will be slashed. Proposers are encouraged to engage with the Flux community to bootstrap confidence in their proposal through community audit and peer-review prior to submitting it.

Once the proposal is approved, the interface provider will be required to submit a Validity Bond (VB) to the RIR for whitelisting. This bond protects the network from invalid requests. Invalid requests are requests that cannot be answered either due to unclear parameters, contradictory arguments, or subjectiveness that renders the response opinion-based. When a request is deemed invalid, the requester is penalized and their bond slashed. Should there be an increase in invalid requests on the network, the Validity Bond requirement increases. When a quorum is reached for any proposal, a 24-hours grace period must elapse before the proposed changes to the registry can be implemented. This period is intended to allow validators who do not agree with the proposal to exit their position. However, the DAO will be able to amend the quorum threshold and approval requirements as deemed fit.

The minimum consensus for whitelist approval is 70% of all votes. The voters must make up 10% of FLX circulating supply and the voting round must also be completed within 168 hours.