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Flux Oracle
A broad overview of what the Flux Oracle does
The Flux Oracle is a highly permissionless and decentralized protocol for requesting and processing arbitrary off-chain data for on-chain resolution. It possesses unique attributes to improve the network’s flexibility and security while also providing economic guarantees that scale with the value secured through the oracle. The FLX token secures the protocol and is necessary for creating and resolving data requests.
By utilizing a community-curated list of custom request interfaces -- each providing custom features, services, and payment models -- the Flux Oracle allows protocols to connect to existing infrastructure to securely and flexibly handle data requests. Request interfaces can create and curate data requests on behalf of protocols or users needing off-chain data, while validators collaborate to resolve the outcomes. The oracle can also serve as a backstop for existing oracle pipelines and APIs, further strengthening an external network’s security and hardening data integrity.
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