Flux docs

Welcome to Flux

The Trust-less Data Layer
Flux Protocol is an oracle solution that aims to make decentralized, high quality data available to any protocol on any chain. We give Data Providers a direct, secure means to push their data on chain, and give protocols & their end users a safe, secure means to use it.
Flux is supported and developed by the Open Oracle Association, a Swiss Non-Profit entity with the sole purpose of supporting the ecosystem through the distribution of grants both in monetary means through USDC and the Flux Token.

First Party Oracle

Flux has stopped supporting the First Party Oracle solution. Protocols are welcome to connect to our existing feeds at their own risk, but we will not deploy any new feeds to the FPO on their behalf.
Unlike other oracle solutions, our First Party Oracle (FPO) removes the black box or middle man by leaving the data provision up to the experts; the Data Providers (DP). The FPO allows data providers to directly push their data directly on-chain using our open source Provider Node, giving them full autonomy over the data they provide, from source to chain. Protocols can seamlessly connect their contracts to DP data feed contracts, and get along with building.
The FPO is currently subsidized by Flux Protocol to give new protocols the ability to bootstrap reliable, high quality data streams from some of the biggest data providers in DeFi. The costs associated with querying this data is subject to change starting in 2023.