Flux docs
Welcome to Flux
The trust-less data layer
Flux is a cross-chain oracle aggregator that provides smart contracts with access to economically secure data feeds on anything. Every component of the protocol is designed to be maximally open-source, permissionless, and trustless, enabling individuals and communities to design and develop bespoke solutions for data provision and retrieval.
Flux is supported and developed by the Open Oracle Association, a Swiss Non-Profit entity with the sole purpose of supporting the ecosystem through the distribution of grants both in monetary means through USDC and the Flux Token.

The Oracles

Flux offers two types of Oracles, the First Party Oracle (FPO), and the Third Party Oracle (TPO). Currently, Flux has deployed both Oracles on the NEAR network, and the FPO on the Aurora network & NEAR testnet.
If you are a DeFi protocol looking to get price pairs on these networks, we recommend you start on the FPO, as we have onboarded some of the highest quality data providers in DeFi and are temporarily subsidizing their fees for you!
In addition, if you are a data provider that is interested in adding to our breadth of price feeds on the FPO, you can also spin up a Provider Node to get started!
While we have deployed the first version of the TPO on the NEAR network, we are still developing the fully decentralized solution of the V2. Follow the links below to try out the V1 on testnet.

First Party Oracle

The FPO offers a platform on which data providers can directly push their data on chain using our open source Provider Node, and requesters can immediately query that data. Data Providers use their own sources, aggregation functions, hardware, and software to collect their data, prepare it for use, and deploy it on chain. With the FPO, the data feed reliability, quality, and provision is in the hands of the provider, absolving us or any other party of the ability to manipulate the data en-route. However, the data is only as reliable as the sources, and the provider's reputation is the only thing on the line if something were to go wrong. Go to the next page if you're interested in learning more!
In addition, if you're in a rush to get data on an EVM chain and can't wait for us to set our Data Providers up with the FPO contracts & Provider Node, set yourself up here.
WARNING: the FPO is currently subsidized by Flux Protocol to give new protocols the ability to bootstrap reliable, high quality data streams from some of the biggest data providers in DeFi. The costs associated with querying this data is subject to change.

Third Party Oracle

The Third Party Oracle is our *big breath* fully decentralized, permissionless, game-theoretically, economically guaranteed oracle solution. Although our Version 1 is live, we are currently developing our Version 2 to be more robust, fair, and will be testing it and deploying it throughout this year.
The idea is to remove every aspect of centralization that comes with existing oracle solutions, while maintaining the highest quality data provision in the industry. How are we going to achieve this? With you!
Our TPO will allow anyone to spin up their own Provider Node by making it lightweight and inexpensive. You decide your sources, your exposure (stake value), your aggregation / data cleaning methods, and what requests you want to provide answers to.
Using our proprietary consensus algorithm, your data responses are compared to the data responses of other validators until a consensus is automatically reached. Every Validator's money is on the line, so bad actors are punished, and honest actors are rewarded!
Our mission is to eradicate the possibility of data manipulation attacks for every protocol on every network; attacks will become more expensive than the stolen payout. Capturing the permissionless, decentralized, self-governing spirit of this community, the control will be in all of your hands!
For now, you can use the V1 TPO on NEAR testnet either as a data validator or data requester. Requesters create smart contracts to fund data requests being created that are specific to their needs. Validators provide answers to the data requests that requestors make. Validators manually enter answers or run a node to answer automated questions. Check it out!
Delegated Staking (Soon)
Think you have the answers? Run a validator node or manually resolve data on the Flux Oracle via the Oracle Explorer
Have a question? Need secure pricing data? Deploy our sample Requester Contract and try the Oracle out for yourself!
No technical knowledge is needed to help power the system -- just stake your tokens with another validator!